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The European CMR Exam tests knowledge in the theory of CMR including MR physics, clinical CMR protocols, indications and clinical application of CMR.

The syllabus of potential exam topics can be found here:

> European CMR Exam Syllabus


  • Physics&Safety&Methodology&Anatomy ~15-25%
  • IHD ~15-25%
  • NIHD ~15-25%
  • Masses ~5-10%
  • Pericard ~5-10%
  • Valves ~5-10%
  • Congenital heart disease ~10-15%
  • Vascular ~2-5%
  • Extracardiac ~2-5%

In addition, we recommend study of standard CMR textbooks and participation in approved teaching courses


  Key Facts
  • Typically around 190 people participate in the exam each year.

  • The exam is usually oversubscribed - Register early!

  • In previous exams, it has been irrelevant for exam success if candidates were native english speakers or not.

  • The passmark does not depend on how well other participants perform in a particular year. It is determined for each year's exam in a process that
    takes into account the difficulty of the exam and various other factors.

  • As a guide, usually 63 correct answers are required to pass the exam and 81% of the attendees pass.

  • There is no simple relation between years of experience in CMR or other non-invasive cardiac imaging modalities and exam success. The CMR Exam aims to test knowledge relevant to CMR, CMR experience is demonstrated in different ways as part of the CMR certification process.
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